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Tatsuya Fujiwara on the verge of giving up while doing sword fight rehearsal for the movie Rurouni Kenshin. You will always be Light Yagami my love. LOL

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"Fujiwara Tatsuya’s One Road"

At the age of 15, the young man who was living in Chichibu was discovered in Ikebukuro by a scout. Having been found by the famous director Yuki Ninagawa, he glamorously debuted in London in the play “Shintokumaru”. The actor continued working, performing in…

Thank you so much for this. You just made my day :D I’m so excited to watch this show, I can’t wait to see his “true form”. LOL

There is a special preview of this show on YouTube. For those interested, here is the link to the first part of the 6 videos uploaded on "Fujiwara Tatsuya’s One Road" channel. :)

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"I’m a lone wolf. No good with words"

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32-second teaser for the movie ST Aka to Shirou no Sousa Paire (out Jan.10, 2015)

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Take a moment to see how Samon-chan feels uneasy that he scratches his ear to resolve the tension. XD

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ZIP! (2014.09.17) ST TV drama promotion


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who's your favourite character in ST?

If you say most favorite, then of course it would be the adorable lone wolf Akagi Samon. :)

ST is such an interesting drama and I love all the characters in it. Yurine and Akagi and their team of little monsters. I would love to have Aoyama’s excellent profiling ability. And can we include Kikukawa-san, my God I really love his face whenever Akagi mocks his simplistic ideas and deductions. haha

It’s bit sad though that this week will be the final episode. I was really hoping it would have 11 or 12 episodes, but anyway at least there will be a movie.

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